Issue 52

Due to popular demand

The long wait is over, and in this issue, we share with you the winners and finalists of our 2019/2020 cover competition. The prize-giving was held at the Association for Visual Arts Gallery in Cape Town, where Louis Jansen Van Vuuren and Hardy Olivier of Chateau de La Creuzette, announced the winners.

Well done to the overall winner Ashley Ogilvy, for a painting which Louis described beautifully:
“The piece has a very close chromatic scale, with the greens and the muted colours. To me, it feels like harp music with a little bit of cello, and perhaps in the highlights, there might be a violin as well”. Well done to all those who entered. Please keep a lookout for the announcement of our next cover competition.

In this issue, we’ve got everything from incredibly detailed hyperrealist paintings and drawings to loose impressionistic scenes of daily life, and delightful watercolours. Take your pick and get inspired!


Cover competition winning painting “The Goldfinch Revisited” by Ashley Ogilvy.
Featured Artists: Allen Kupeta, Eric Eatwell, Jeremy Day, Joanna Cooke, Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys and Sean Simons. International Artist: Johnpaul Okafor.

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