Issue 48

In this issue we revisit the colour chart. If you haven’t yet made a chart, you should give it a go. We also have another look at the Zorn Palette – I can’t emphasise enough the knowledge you will
gain from painting with a limited number of colours.

Our featured artists share some of their painting secrets, and there are plenty of demonstrations in a variety of mediums and styles. Our tips and techniques articles offer advice for painting
sunsets; understanding the rule of thirds; working with watercolours and a whole lot more.

The late American artist and teacher Bob Ross said: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”. What a great philosophy and something we should all embrace. Making mistakes is all part of the learning process – if you aren’t making any – you can’t be learning anything.

Go ahead: dive in and see what happens…

Happy painting!

Featured Artists
On the cover: “Wearing the Wreath” by Leanne Olivier 130 x 100 cm; oil paint & ash on canvas.

Other featured artists: Hari Lualhati, Frans Cronje, Sue Tatham, Ria Fouché, Nic de Jesus, Sue Orpen, Brian Garcin & Keith Zenda