Issue 53

Over the course of the past few months our lives have been altered in ways we could never have imagined. 27 March marked the first day of a lockdown that put a stop to workshops, classes and social get-togethers. Of course, for some artists things didn’t change at all – their reclusive lifestyle was suddenly the norm, but for others it became a daily struggle to get motivated enough to put paint onto canvas. During this time some fabulous work has been produced – proof that working out of our comfort zones can bring out our most creative side. Finding themselves at home and with extra time on their hands, many people started a hobby or revisited a craft they had long forgotten.

Everything from painting to knitting saw a sudden resurgence. With the shops closed, artists who ran out of paint tried sewing, knitting, baking or papercraft – in fact anything they could get their hands on. The process of creating something is a great stress reliever, and we are sure that all these ‘new’ artists and crafters will continue to enjoy their rediscovered hobby. That is why we decided to include a craft section with this magazine.

The SA Artist is still 80 pages of fine art, with the added bonus of some fabulous craft tutorials – all at the same price. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a craft you enjoy.



On the cover: Alfred by Anna Reed; 49” x 39”; oils; David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
FEATURED ARTISTS: Donna McKellar, Karin Abedian, Sujay Sanan, Francesca Cockcroft, Lwando Lunika, Marion Townsend

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