Issue 42

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse. An oldie but a goodie and the words are as relevant today as they were when he uttered them almost 100 years ago. ‘Putting yourself out there’ can be a terrifying experience. Expressing the things you’re passionate about, at the risk of being judged, involves a lot of boldness. The fear of being rejected can often make you not want to try at all, but remember that everyone has different taste and opinions, and that is what makes us all individual, creative beings.

In this issue, we feature eight artists who all take their creativity to the limits. Whether it be with acrylics, mixed media, watercolours, oils, inks, coloured pencils or ceramics – they produce work that will inspire you to continue on your own artistic journey.

We are also very excited to be featuring well-known international artist Yael Maimon, who has a massive following on social media and has won many awards for her iconic paintings. I hope this issue gives you the courage to forge ahead, and express your own creativity.

Happy painting!

Featured Artists
Cover painting by Paul Botes “STREET IN TWEELING”.
Other featured artists include: Carien de Villiers; Carol Hayward Fell; Kganya Mbotshane; Sue Zingel; Vanessa Viljoen; Zerk de Villiers and the incredibly talented international artist Yael Maimon.

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