Simply Shirley Painting Fast & Loose – Individual demos


PAINTING COURSE – Individual demos
Shirley Howells brings you into her studio to teach you expressionism and how to capture movement, light and vibrancy in your paintings. Supplied on a USB stick.

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The full course consists of:

1. Self-portrait (duration: 2 hours)
2. Floral Palette (duration: 23 minutes)
3. Landscape (duration: 1 hour 26 minutes)
Preparing for a landscape painting (duration: 5 minutes)
4. Figurative: Kalk Bay Fishermen (duration: 1 hour 20 minutes)
Painting the background of the Kalk Bay Fishermen (7 minutes)
5. Still Life with palette knife (duration: 28 minutes)
Free bonus video: Figures (duration: 34 minutes) – free with any video purchase

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