Issue 58

By the time you read this message, you should be
well into your year-end holiday. If you aren’t having
a break, at least you should be getting a bit of down-time before the onslaught of 2021.

2020 is a year most of us would like to forget – but there have also been some positives to come out of the chaos. Artists (and everyone else for that matter), now realise the power of having an online presence. That doesn’t just mean setting up a Facebook profile and sharing jokes. You really have to work at ‘getting out there’. Posting one painting a day with a description, and maybe a bit of a background story, will go a long way to keeping you connected to your followers. Brick and mortar galleries are here to stay and are just as important as ever, but now the pressure is on for artists to do some of their own marketing.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our readers and subscribers who have supported us this year, and we look forward to a much more prosperous and happy 2021 for us all. Happy painting!

Issue 58:
Cover artist Sculptor Richard Gunston
Also featuring: Johanneke Strydom, Madelein Bronn, Antonette Walters, Balekane Legoabe, Leanna Rauch, Johan Marais

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