Tonya Seiler

As a student I achieved the highest marks in art throughout school career. I received numerous art awards from the TED (Then Transvaal Education Department) and was awarded a bursary to study Fine Art. I decided to study graphic design and pursue a career in advertising.

After a couple of years working in the advertising industry, I ended up with my own Design Agency and enjoyed many successful years in advertising. The stress however took it’s toll and after struggling to fall pregnant, was advised to give up my stressful career in order to pursue motherhood. I have 3 gorgeous boys and a incredibly supportive husband, who has encouraged me to now focus on my love for art. Although I’ve painted over the years, there’s never been much time to focus on my art. Working with the local gallery, Eye4Art, has been invigorating and I’m spending all my available time to the the pursuit of being creative and developing my skills.

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