The South African Artist magazine is the only practical visual arts magazine in South Africa.

Content includes interviews and profiles on South African artists, both established and emerging.

Practical demonstrations, ‘how-to’ articles, features on materials and equipment, and general information

which is of interest to people of all ages who are involved in the visual arts.


Our readers are:

- full-time artists who generate some or all of their income by selling their work

- people who attend art classes. These would include students at formal institutions and those attending private lessons

- people who pursue art as a hobby

- gallery owners and those interested in art.


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The Zorn Palette

Issue 20

Zorn is known for using a palette limited to only four  colours: Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Medium, Ivory Black and Titanium White. This selection is an earthy version of the basic primary colours of yellow, red and blue...



Get a giclee print made

Issue 4

Digital printing has changed this and now the ability to make quality prints of original works is within most artists’ reach. It is now possible to print as many or as few prints as you wish, or to print them as you need. All new...



Painting from photos

Issue 17

Artist Dieter Berner demonstrates a step by step process for painting from photos:

When I saw this photo I immediately sought the permission of the photographer to use it as my reference. Upon...



Drawing Lessons

Issue 8

If you can’t get to life drawing lessons, these drawing exercises will help to loosen you up. Drawing is the most basic form of art-making and is a skill that can be developed - and the best way to develop it is ...




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